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Top 5 Online Tools to Run Your Own Startup Pharmaceutical Company

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What tools should you use when starting a pharmaceutical company? Join former pharmacist Darshan Kulkarni as he talks about five online tools that startup pharmaceutical companies may find useful. Plus, how to use tools such as Trello to track the progress of your projects.

Darshan: If you were going to start your own pharmaceutical company, these are the top five tools I'd recommend you consider using from the beginning.

The first one, Google Calendar. One of the key things that you're going to have is competing priorities, and competing appointments. Google Calendar is going to be your friend.

Number two, Gmail. Again, I'm picking one but if you have some kind of online system to track your emails, that would be extremely useful. Gmail allows you to import/export using multiple corporate accounts, so that becomes really useful as well. So I'd consider having a calendar tool like Google Calendar, Gmail, to track your emails.

Your third one would be something like Slack. And Slack is actually a system for collaborating, and allows you to bring different people together, and talk to each other. So instead of using texting one place, and WhatsApp another place, and I don't know if you're still using AOL, but whatever those tools are, you're putting it all together using Slack.

So you've got Google Calendar, Slack and Gmail. Your fourth one would be Trello. And Trello, it uses a Kanban system. Essentially, it allows you to track where things are and where the progress is being made, and you can transfer ownership of projects so that you know who's handling what and when they're supposed to come back to you.

Your last one is, well, so let's make sure we got that. We've got Google Calendar, Gmail, Slack, Trello, and your last one is if you're going to be opening up either a pharmaceutical company, a medical device company, a compounding pharmacy, you're probably going to start talking to a bunch of different individuals, often sharing a concept or an idea. So you'll probably start having contracts. In those situations, you probably want to use a tool like DocuSign, which tracks and allows you to have electronic signatures. Make sure that you have an attorney who allows for your electronic signatures to be valid, but overall, that becomes a great tool to have as well. So your five tools are Google calendar, Gmail, Slack, Trello, and DocuSign. Did I miss anything? Do you think I should have had something else on there? Feel free to leave a message. Otherwise, hit the like button. Thanks.

Narrator: This is the Darshawn Talks podcast, regulatory guy, irregular podcast, with host Darshawn Kulkarni. You can find the show on Twitter at Darshawn Talks, or the show's website at

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