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Top 5 Individuals to Follow for COVID19 Information

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Want to stay informed about updates on COVID-19 from qualified health care professionals? Join Darshan Kulkarni as he discusses who he follows on social media for news about the disease. From data scientists to clinical investigators, these individuals can give you a better understanding of how the pandemic is unfolding.

Darshan: Here are the top five individuals to follow to learn about COVID-19. Number one, Dr. David Juurlink. Dr. Juurlink is an internal medicine, clinical pharmacology and toxicologist and works in drug safety research at the University of Texas Medicine. He talks about his own experiences in the field, treating coronavirus and gives advice for the best ways individuals can act to stop its spread. His Twitter handle is @davidjuurlink. That's D-A-V-I-D-J-U-U-R-L-I-N-K.

Darshan: The second person to follow is Max Roser. He actually is a data scientist and uses data to understand the big global problems and shares helpful visuals and graphics that explain the spread of the virus across continents. His Twitter account is Max C. Roser, R-O-S-E-R. Then there's Timothy Caulfield who actually tends to refute the spread of misinformation and pseudoscience. He's a professor of health, law and science policy and he's a speaker, TV host and author. He can be found on Twitter, @caulfieldtim. C-A-U-F-I-E-L-D, Tim.

Darshan: Then you've got Isaac Bogoch who is a clinical investigator and is at the Toronto General Hospital Research Institute. He can be found @bogo, B-O-G-O-C-H-I-S-A-A-C.

Darshan: And then the last person is the former CEO of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Sue Desmond-Hellman, and she can be found @suedhellmann, H-E-L-L-M-A-N-N, and she rounds out the list of the top five individuals to follow to learn about COVID-19.

Narrator: This is the DarshanTalks Podcast, regulatory guy, irregular podcast with host Darshan Kulkarni. You can find the show on Twitter @darshantalks or the show's website at

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