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Top 5 Desi Doctors to Follow for COVID19 Information

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Would you like to stay informed about news on COVID-19 from leading doctors from the south east asian diaspora? Join Darshan Kulkarni as he discusses who he follows on social media to stay up-to-date about the disease. From physicians and radiologists to infectious disease doctors, these individuals can give you a better insight into how the pandemic is progressing.

Darshan: As a person of Indian origin, I figured this list was interesting to me. So these are the top five Desi doctors to learn about COVID-19. The first one is Dr. Nisha Metha who is a physician, a radiologist, she works in health policy, and she can be followed @nishamethamd.

Darshan: The second one is Dr. Neil Lall who's a radiologist. He is also one of those people who talks about hacks and technology and music, et cetera, and he can be followed at @NULall.

Darshan: The third person is an infectious disease doctor working on pandemic policy, emerging infections, and preventing bio-terrorism and that's Dr. Amesh Adalja. That's at @AmeshAA.

Darshan: The third one, well, the fourth one, I guess, is Dr. Raagini Jawa who is an infectious disease fellow and is a big follower in humanism in medicine, is a former Delhiite, and she can be followed at @Raaginizzle.

Darshan: And the last person that I have on my list is Dr. Krutika Kuppali who is a infectious disease and global health physician. She follows infectious diseases, Ebola, HIV, biosecurity, pandemic preparedness, and she can be followed at @KrutikaKuppalli.

Darshan: I should clarify, I don't actually know if they're actually of Indian origin or of Southeast Asian origin, but that was my best guess and you know what? I'm going to go with close enough, we're all the same people in the end. Anyways, this is just something to highlight some other individuals that I hope to follow in time.

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