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Top 5 Pandemic Movies Every Pharma Practitioner Should Watch

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Darshan: Here are the top five movies every pharma practitioner should watch right now.

So as we all know, what's happening right now is we've got the COVID crisis going on. You've got the entire world that's shut down and here are five movies that almost capture what a Aaron Tobias or Mike Rowe might look like. The first movie is a movie called Contagion, and it's a Steven Soderbergh's movie. And it's known for the terrifying death Gwyneth Paltrow early in the movie and it's front loaded with dread. So if you're not into some level horror, this may not be the right movie for you.

The second movie, and I actually happened to have just watched this over the weekend, is a movie called Outbreak. And that's the one that Dustin Hoffman, I believe it was Cuba Gooding Jr as well. And it's set in a fictional California town that's quarantine and becomes ground zero for Ebola like outbreak in the U.S. It's about using the CDC and military medical researchers and how they actually deal with this type of patient. And again, you've got some drama associated with the U.S. government trying to bomb the city or something, but that's your second movie. So you have Contagion and you have Outbreak.

The third one is a movie I haven't seen. It's called Cassandra Crossing and it starts Sophia Loren and Martin Sheen and Ava Gardner and Burt Lancaster. And it's about a European train that's attacked by Swedish terrorists. Well, you don't really see that so much, but it's effective with deadly pathogen and it's also speeding towards an unstable bridge, but no one on the board is being allowed off. So it seems like a mix of Outbreak mixed with Speed with a Keanu Reeves movie. So, that's kind of interesting. That was number three.

Number four is World War Z. And that is a Brad Pitt movie that features the largest mass of sprinting zombies ever put on screen. Pitt plays a UN investigator who agrees to make his way through an infected landscape to find the source of the outbreak and hopefully a cure before everyone falls to the epidemic. This is one of the things that I actually don't know enough about. I'd love to hear from someone who understands why patient zero matters so much. I understand that they would have the original genome, but wouldn't that have changed. So if you know the answer, please leave a comment. I'd love to hear more from you. If not, just hit the like button. I'd love to hear from you anyways, and know that you appreciate the content being put out.

And the last movie, so we had Contagion, we have Outbreak, we have Cassandra Crossing and we had World War Z. Last one is one of my favorites, which is I am Legend with Will Smith. And it talks about a hollowed out Manhattan. He's fighting vampiric monsters and essentially it uses this measles vaccines that was intended to cure cancer, but instead of kills 90% of humanity and the opportunities that come out of that.

So if you're in the mood for monster slash pandemic type movies, these were the five movies you should be watching. Contagion, Outbreak, Cassandra Crossing, World War Z and I am Legend. I can't wait to hear from you. Stay tuned. If you disagree, if you think I forgot a movie, please leave a comment for me.

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