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feature image for podcast episode 233

The Lost Opportunities of Technology

Technology is occupying a more central role in different industries. Is technology the solution to most problems companies face? Join Darshan Kulkarni as he talks with technology expert Jim Nasr about the changing role of technology, and the...

How GDPR Affects HealthTech Companies

Many pharmaceutical, medical device and HealthTech companies find privacy laws such as GDPR to be problematic. Often, clinical research organizations (CROs) advise their clients to avoid Europe to escape being subject to GDPR. Is the GDPR going to...

HIPAA For HealthTech

It can be difficult to successfully navigate privacy laws such as HIPAA and remain compliant. Are you truly subject to HIPAA, or do you just believe that you are? Join regulatory attorney Darshan Kulkarni as he discusses a few of the most common...


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